IP Telephony with Horizon

A4S is able to provide a full featured IP Telephony solution under the G-Cloud 11 framework, called Horizon. This solution is a Cloud PBX providing an array of features to suit the needs of organisations. It is operated through a choice of devices to suit the individual user; handset, mobile or desktop. Web interfaces allow real time access and changes to the many services available on user basis.


  • Disaster Recovery – make/receive calls, any number/network
  • Twinning – pair another number to ring simultaneously
  • Your PC/mobile becomes your Horizon handset and home or at work
  • Call Recording – all calls or on demand, stored on-line
  • Increased functionality for supervisor/agents with the call centre module
  • Administrator access for company and site hierarchy
  • Choose any number as your presented CLI - unifying the customer experience
  • Automatically route calls dependent on time of day
  • Distribute calls simultaneously, weighted, as a ring - facilitated through the use of hunt groups


  • Maintain critical voice services, whatever the scenario
  • More accessible with one number ringing devices simultaneously
  • Simplify architecture with one solution across all users and devices
  • Record important call information and improve training
  • More professional approach to high volume customer calls centres
  • Securely change user settings, instantly, by site or user
  • Promote flexible working, seamlessly move between sites
  • Provide Local or National presence regardless of locations
  • Better serve your citizens through your busy periods
  • Increase productivity as hunt groups find available agents quickly

Horizon Overview

Horizon is a complete communications service for business that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities through easy to use web interfaces. The service allows you, the administrator, to easily manage your business telephony environment whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity.
The service offers a range of clever features and an emphasis on control and administration through the web that takes the burden away from your IT team. For administrators, you can quickly configure the system per your organisation’s changing requirements, whilst your employees can manage calls easily and effectively.
With only a minimal capital outlay required, Horizon is suitable for any sized business looking to improve their productivity and image, or take a step into the many benefits of Hosted and Cloud Telephony.


Horizon uses Cisco or Polycom handsets, providing high standards of interoperability and features from manufacturers you know and trust. Unlike other solutions, you can combine manufacturers in any configuration to ensure the best handset is used for the customer’s requirement.

Gamma Network

The Gamma network is one of the UK’s largest tier 1 providers of voice and data services, switching more than 800 million minutes per month over our soft switch infrastructure. Our Next Generation architecture which interconnects to BT at 650 local exchanges has been specifically designed to:
- Support the end to end automation of customer transactions between our network platforms - Facilitate the rapid development and deployment of new product functionality - Ensure high levels of system availability via multiple layers of technical and geographic resilience. - Interconnect with a range of ISPs and community based networks such as JANET.
We offer a wide range of data products and Horizon can be offered in conjunction with one of our data services. For small site offices, we offer a range of voice focused and guaranteed connections through our IP Assured or Converged Broadband range, whereas for head offices or larger deployments requiring data access, also fully converged Ethernet and Ethernet over the First Mile (EFM) solutions are available.
By using our access solutions, the voice traffic does not leave our network when making or receiving calls, ensuring our focus on quality business IP connections is provided on every call. If an issue does occur, the customer only needs to make one phone call, to our service teams who have sight of the entire call route and are in complete control of resolving the end user’s issue.

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