Life just got easier, secure and load balance your web services with Azure Front Door and Web Application Firewall policies.

Just wanted to share this great new feature of Azure as we recently completed a project to globally load-balance and secure a Public Sector clients backend Azure based IIS virtual machines using the Azure Front Door Service and Web Application Firewall polices. This was part of a wider hybrid-cloud solution to deliver Azure based applications and services.

This gave us access to some great functionality all wrapped up in a nice little bundle!

  • SSL Offload - avoiding the headache of dealing with custom certificate purchase and renewal, now all handled by Azure, wahoo.
  • Application acceleration - based on the users geographical location we redirected them to the closest datacentre. Nice little speed boost to keep the users happy.
  • WAF and Azure DDoS Protection - allowing us to actively block malicious attacks keeping the big wigs happy too.

This is a great offering from the guys at Microsoft, allowing you to join and secure you distributed microservices with ease!