Intelligent licensing solutions

To allow A4S cloud solutions to bring the most competative pricing available to you, our customers we have partnered with Bytes who are Microsofts largest UK partner and able to provide unique Microsoft services, reducing the overall cost of your cloud investment.


  • Global learning solutions provider, offering flexible training from end user to Azure certifcations
  • Unrivalled expertise with over 36 years heritage with Microsoft
  • Portal, billing and contract management
  • Cloud platform managment for both Azure and AWS
  • Direct CSP offres


  • 40% Market Share of the Microsoft Azure market
  • Dedicated licensing team with over 100+ Certified Microsoft professionals (MCPs)
  • Direct access to specialist cloud teams
  • Microsofts largest UK partner
  • Over £20m Microsoft Services sold each year
  • Unique Microsoft Services such as Azure cost savings

Bytes Vendor Licensing


Microsoft Licensing

Want to find out if substantial cost savings on Microsoft licenses are within easy reach? Bytes are the UK's No.1 Microsoft licensing specialist, meaning we can pass on the cost savings to you.


Oracle Licensing

Need 'Red Stack' enterprise solutions and license consultancy expertise? Bytes are a leading Oracle business partner with a dedicated, award-winning team.


VMware Licensing

Bytes is a Top 10 VMware partner with all of the technical competencies you need. They receive the highest discounts available, so we can pass them on to you.


Adobe Licensing

Looking for significant savings on Adobe software? Bytes are an Adobe Elite partner, an Authorised Licensing Centre (ALC) and approved to conduct SAM reviews.

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