Royal National Institute Of Blind People PCI DSS Support

Centralised management of PCI DSS Project with budget, risk, tasks, communications, schedule all in one platform for suppliers, stakeholders and project managers to collaborate in real time.

Our client RNIB needed support when delivering their PCI DSS project, they reached out to A4S Cloud Solutions knowing they have a background in the support of delivering various certifications for their clients and have wealth of knowledge in the area of IT security and related technology solutions such as firewall, anti-virus, disk encryption and more.
A4S worked with the client to implement strict controls against the third party delivered PCI DSS audit report, it was essential to ensure the report recommendations and associated outcomes were fully understood.
Following a detailed review of the report; A4S uploaded the entire report into the A4S project management portal and provided each RNIB stakeholder with access to review, contribute and collaborate with other RNIB staff and also the third party report writer.
Each PCI DSS recommendation was reviewed in detail as a group, and an agreed output was assigned to stakeholders such as a process, policy or a technical solution.
Each output from the PCI DSS recommendations report was prioritised based on criticality and benefit to the activity, a high level schedule was assigned to manage timescales.
Management Reporting
Management reporting was provided through the A4S project management portal which would give the project board a detailed insight into progress, risks and issues.
Some of the many benefits of the A4S project management portal used during this project included:
  • Budget control
  • Schedule management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Secure third party access to the information
Rigour and Control
The initial requirement from RNIB was to bring rigour and control to the project, subsequently this organised progress forward being made. Each stakeholder was able to channel their communications through the A4S project management portal which ensured a centralised record was held, all deliverable artefacts were stored centrally for internal and third party review.
Centralised Access For Project Delivery
The A4S project management portal is an online solution that gives all stakeholders secure access to their projects, the portal shows all data in realtime for each stakeholder, A4S prefer to utilise this method for transparency and teamwork, it is something highly valued by our customers.
Client Satisfaction
The client lead Aidan Forman Head of IT for RNIB was extremely grateful for the support provided by A4S Cloud Solutions at a time when it was most needed, we look forward to continuing to work with Aidan and RNIB!
“Jason and A4S Cloud Solutions were requested to provide us with much needed support to deliver our PCI DSS certification, we needed organisation and rigour applied to the review of the PCI DSS report, review and delivery of its recommendations, we found working with A4S an easy and enjoyable process, they brought control, rigour, reporting and prioritisation which was exactly as needed.”

“Their online project management platform enabled our team and third party suppliers to collaborate easily and effectively, we were granted as much access as needed for the duration of the project, we were able to monitor progress and budget, as well as identify any issues the team were facing so we could implement a quick resolution”
Aidan Forman, RNIB Head of IT
If you need any more information on this project or would like to know more about A4S Cloud Solutions delivery methods then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email on [email protected] or call 07415 897953