Service Design and Transition with Transparency and Collaboration

At A4S we pride ourselves on delivering brilliant new solutions to our clients using approaches that result in total transparency and highly effective collaboration.  Our Service Design and Transition staff are highly experienced, capable and professional staff so we ensure they're empowered to deliver for you, our project management teams work in a manner that allows progress to happen quickly and does not tie our delivery staff or your teams down with paperwork, meetings and emails.

In order to ensure our A4S teams and our clients stay synchronised whilst delivering for you; we've taken the approach of sharing online and openly the following project artefacts:

  • RAID logs including, risks, decisions, issues, changes.
  • Project schedules and project budget burn down logs.

The platforms we use allow real time visibility of critical information and allows for decisions to be undertaken in a truly shared way, comments and feedback is contained in one place for safe keeping whilst reducing the need for more email traffic.

Would you like the following?...

  • 24/7/365 access to realtime information related to your investment and project schedules being delivered by our Service Design and Transition teams.
  • 24/7/265 access to risk, issues, decisions and budgets where you can securely comment and discuss at any time with our project management staff.
  • A solution that reduces or eliminates the need for email traffic that would otherwise slow down and complicate solution delivery.
  • The ability to monitor progress and collaborate with your supplier and technical resources in realtime on any project topic.
  • Real time access to your budget burn down information and be able to see what technical resource time is being spent.
  • Real time visibility on what your supplier is working on and being able to ask questions at any moment without the need for a phone call or email.

Solution at a glance

Highly experienced and professional solution delivery teams always working for you and available online, see up to date project information 24/7/365, realtime information related to your project delivered by A4S and the ability to collaborate online at any time in a secure and convenient manner to deliver the right solution.


Highly experienced and capable hybrid cloud experts with a background that includes delivering thousands of projects that include on-premise, cloud and hybrid cloud solutions all focused on delivering the right solution for you.  All extremely well versed in effective collaboration and able to keep you better informed through our online real time project collaboration solutions.


Realtime financial management showing a breakdown of A4S professional services time being spent on your delivery, no surprises, no secrets, just sharing and collaboration at its best.


Eliminate emails that are cumbersome and untidy, keep all project communication in one place for safe keeping and later reference between your stakeholders and A4S staff delivering for you.


Collaborate securely on critical project decisions in real time directly with the A4S service design and transition resources.


Review real time schedule information, ask to be automatically notified about particular activities, review dependencies and keep fully informed at all times.

The Solution

A highly capable, experienced and professional team working collaboratively and transparently via a web based solution where all of your stakeholders can login and interact in real time with your A4S service design and transition teams.  Showing real time updates including budget burn down rates, time remaining, time spent so far, total budgets, decisions needed critical milestone updates it will ensure you are kept completely informed at all times.

Collaborate in real time with your A4S project manager or the resources assigned to your project without the need for email or phone calls.

Super charge your business through the following key benefits:

  • Depend on and trust the hybrid cloud experts with the experience and skills to safely deliver your solution.
  • Download and report on budget information at any time.
  • Realtime collaboration full recorded and auditable.
  • A real time view on project progress.
  • Shared project RAID logs giving you real time visibility of key project information.



  • Fully visible to stakeholders at all times.
  • Real time budget information and burn down rates.
  • Protect team timesheets.


  • Encourages real time collaboration resulting in better project team working.
  • Jointly update risk logs to share the load of a resolution.
  • Improves trust and team working.

Next Steps...

Fill in the contact form and one of our highly experienced staff will be in touch to discuss the next step of the journey.