RingCentral Unified Communications & Contact Centre Join Forces With A4S & Microsoft Cloud

A4S Cloud Solutions and RingCentral have partnered to provide our public sector clients with a fully integrated enterprise voice, contact centre and Office 365 solution.

Product Highlights:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration ensuring your customer communications are held in one place.
  • Microsoft Teams integration ensuring you can maximise your Office 365 investment.
  • RingCentral App providing fully feature rich voice, video and file collaboration.
  • Multi-Channel to ensure you centralise your customer communications.
  • Significant public sector deployments providing confidence and assurance.
  • Fully cloud based with no on-premise infrastructure to manage.
  • Fully resilient with five 9s availability and full geographic survivability.
  • UK based to ensure your data never leaves the country.
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A Gartner UCaaS Magic Quadrant Leader for 5 years running


One Hub For All Your Communications




Cloud PBX with enterprise-grade reliability and quality

You can make and receive calls with your mobile, WIFI or landline provider without ever dropping a call using RingCentrals reliable and high quality phone service.  Your data is encrypted, kept secure and reliable through RingCentrals encrypted and highly resilient data networks.

Team messaging, file sharing, and task management

Working together across any location has never been easier, using either the incredibly powerful RingCentral App or Microsoft Teams you can streamline your workflow meaning fewer meetings, quicker decisions and greater productivity.

Video meetings with advanced screen sharing and collaboration features

Increase customer engagement, improve team productivity, and cut travel costs with integrated online meetings and screen sharing. Launch meetings directly from the RingCentral app and start enjoying powerful online video collaboration.

Transform customer engagement with Collaborative Contact Center cloud technology

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The facts speak for themselves

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Solution at a glance

RingCentral Office; gives you everything you need to connect your global business.  Being extremely easy to setup means you can get going quickly and start breaking down silos, collaborate on any device you want.  Powerful administration means you can quickly change configuration meet your changing needs, communicate across 100s of countries and integrate with any applications you with due to its open platform.

Cloud-based RingCentral Contact Centre helps strengthen customer loyalty by dramatically improving the overall call centre experience. This omnichannel solution lets customers contact your company on the communication channel of their choice, while giving agents ready access to the data needed to solve problems quickly and efficiently.  With powerful administrative tools and a simple drag-and-drop development environment, RingCentral Contact Centre reduces the dependence on IT and puts control back into the hands of call centre managers.


RingCentral for Microsoft Dynamics 365; lets you place calls directly from your CRM software by simply clicking on a contact or account record. Incoming calls automatically trigger a pop-up window with full customer account information. Plus, you can track call duration and attach notes to contact records during the call.


The RingCentral for Microsoft Teams bot; brings robust, enterprise-grade communications and collaboration capabilities to the Teams app. With this bot installed, you can access and enjoy all advanced RingCentral meetings and conferencing features right from your Teams app.

RingCentral for Microsoft Teams reduces the need for users to switch between applications while collaborating within Teams, keeping projects moving forward in a productive way.

Engage digitally with RingCentral that is a truly multi-channel solution allowing you to build stronger relationships with your customers whenever they're online.

Every moment matters so ensure you capture every email, tweet review and message, aggregate messages from all of your digital channels to increase customer satisfaction and improve your productivity.


ringcentral uc app

The RingCentral App; allows you to easily transition between phone calls, video meetings, and team chats, whether you’re at your desk or on the go. With everything in one place, you and your team will spend less time toggling between applications, helping you staying more connected, focused, and productive.


The RingCentral mobile app provides an intuitive, unified experience that lets you call, message, and meet wherever you are. Compatible with company-issued devices or bring-your-own-device smartphones, RingCentral’s unified application enables you to seamlessly make calls, check voicemail messages, and connect and collaborate with teams through integrated team messaging and online meetings.


The Extensive list of RingCentral Applications allows you to communicate, collaborate even more.  RingCentral's open development programme has resulted in hundreds of integrations and applications to empower your business.

Categories include: AI, Analytics, Automation, Bots and Notifications, CRM, Collaboration, Speech and much more (20 categories in total), see this link for the full list https://www.ringcentral.com/apps/.



RingCentral has now delivered a UK based cloud platform in response to customer demand and the ever changing landscape.  RingCentrals cloud platform is build with the best levels of security and performance in mind whilst maintaining high levels of efficiency and minimising environmental impact.

RingCentral has cloud platforms in multiple regions to meet the specific needs of its client base.

The Solution

RingCentral is a comprehensive suite productivity enhancing tools to power your business communications.  At its core RingCentral is a full integrated cloud PBX and cloud contact centre and so much more.  RingCentral seamlessly integrates telehony, contract centre, voice, video, messaging, online collaboration in one easy to use solution.

RingCentral major products are:

  • Cloud PBX.
  • Cloud Contact Centre.
  • Online fax.
  • Fully featured RingCentral application with voice, video, simple messaging, complex group and teams based messaging, and file collation.
  • Microsoft Dynamics and Teams integrated.
  • True and comprehensive multi-channel integration with smart routing and artificial intelligence.

Case Studies

  • South Yorkshire Housing Association - Click here
  • Sainsburys - To Follow


Multi-Channel Communication

  • Email.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • YourTube,
  • Twitter.
  • Apple and Android messaging.
  • And much more.....

One Single Application

  • From a single application your users can
    • Audio call.
    • Video call.
    • Message one to one.
    • Message into teams and channels.
    • Exchange files.
    • View availability.

UK Based & Highly Resilient

  • UK based data centre.
  • World wide based data centres if needed.
  • Five 9s availability.
  • Encrypted, reliable and safe IT infrastructure.
  • Fully disaster recovery ready.
  • Multiple geographically dispersed internet connectivity routes.

Reliable and Low Risk

  • Highly reliable solution with 5 9s availability.
  • Multiple UK based deployments.
  • Multiple UK public sector based deployments
  • Highly professional and experienced deployment teams.

Next Steps...

Fill in the contact form and one of our highly experienced staff will be in touch to discuss the next step of the journey.