Support & Managed Services

Whatever the new or existing service we’re able to ensure it is optimised, managed and aligned to your organisations goals. 
Our support teams provide support services for our clients in order to ensure they have the right support when needed, our managed services team proactively maintain your services with the right MS CAF and ITIL aligned processes to give you peace of mind. 

Current Challenges

With so much new technology coming to the market and also the ever increasing needs to maintain operational availability and performance within constrained budgets it’s important undertake the most effective and assured operational support.  Modern IT teams are expected to focus on delivering the latest information services to their end users which can often raise unexpected technical challenges and increase the demand on a IT service team.

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Only 1 in 5 organisations believe their self service initiatives are delivering the expected ROI.
Employees believe working in IT will become more difficult over the next 3 years
Employees believe work adversely affects their wellbeing


Our support and managed services offerings are delivered by our highly experienced and skilled teams using the right toolsets, the main elements are listed below:

  • 24/7/365 Service Desk team providing technical support via channels such as Teams, Service Desk portals, phone and onsite. 
  • 24/7/365 Infrastructure and application monitoring and alerting for almost any system (cloud, on-prem, SAN, AV etc).
  • Proactive maintenance service for your environments such as Azure cloud, Office 365, Azure Site Recovery and backup services.
  • Cloud management services for 1) inventory 2) operational compliance 3) protection and recovery 4) enhancing baseline and more.
  • Cloud governance services for 1) cost management 2) security baseline 3) resource consistency 4) accelerated deployments using code. 
  • FREE!! End to end monitoring and alerting included with managed service agreements.


  • Be assured you’re IT cloud and infrastructure services are available, secure and efficient whilst your teams focus more on end user satisfaction.
  • Reduce risk, our proactive IT managed services will ensure your IT cloud and infrastructure risk.
  • Have access to the highest skilled IT services technicians in the most cost efficient manner.
Cloud adoption services


Our cloud adoption services team will help you safely benefit from the right cloud services at the right time, below are some of our favorites:

Educate, upskill, teamwork are the ‘watch words’ of our service desk team as they’re carefully monitoring our client environments, detecting incidents services requests using good process and automation.

Benefit from our capabilities and skills developed across years of training and experience, enhanced by our ever developing use of the latest ITSM toolsets.

Azure, Microsoft 365, Sentinel, Windows Server, Azure Site Recovery, Automation….. that’s just some of skills, and we will always do our best to help!

Ever pined for that elusive ‘single pane of glass’ for your environment, at the risk of sounding like a sales person we’ve including that in our managed services offerings for free as a ‘value add’! 

Why include for free?  Because it makes our job easier as our clients are better informed about the many assets and complexities of their environment, during support efforts we’ll often refer to the same visualisations.

All based on Azure Workbooks and Dashboards hosted in our environment, fully managed and updated with new features as our clients help us evolve the offering.  

We’re extremely proud to offer our proactive cloud governance service to you, it’s purpose is to help ensure your environment stays well governed and safe using Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (MS CAF) processes.

We said we’d keep mentioning the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)…. we’ll make no apologies as CAF makes it easier for us to describe our services in a way that makes sense.

Using native Microsoft toolsets such as Sentinel, PIM, Cost Management, Log Analytics, Defender and more we will deliver: 

  • Cost Management;  Ensuring policies and processes are in place and actioned on a continuous basis.
  • Security Baseline; Develop and maintain a security baseline using Microsoft toolsets across your IT estate.
  • Identity Baseline; Design, deliver and maintain your precious identity baseline across user accounts, administrative levels of access and application access.
  • Resource Consistency; We live and breath tools such as Azure Policy, GPO, Intune, Azure Graph, we’re also very process driven so we’ll maintain and improve this area for you and be smiling at the same time. 
  • Deployment Acceleration; Using tools such as DevOps, JSON config, and Infrastructure As Code (IAC) we will continuously maintain and improve your deployment capability.

It’s no coincidence the above mentions a lot of Azure Landing Zones deliverables, we can help you achieve this same level of capability through a cloud adoption project. 

Our proactive cloud management service helps you sleep at night, using MS CAF aligned processes and approaches we’ll apply great management practices to your environment.

Our service includes:

  • Maintaining inventory using toolsets such as Azure Log Analytics, Arc and EndPoint Manager all played back to the client using our included visualisation services.
  • Establishing and maintaining a service catalogue defining SLAs, ownership, operational statuses and more.
  • Maintain monitoring and alerting of the environment using our hosted service.
  • Maintaining asset configuration operational compliance.
  • Ensuring software updates.
  • Maintaining backup and disaster recovery capability using toolset such as Azure Site Recovery, Azure Backup Server and Azure DevOps.
  • Monitoring and maintaining operational systems, recovering from faults. 

Big topic this one. So big that we gave it it’s own page,  click here for more info!