XPDR - Security Services

A4S and ANS take security partnerships to a higher level with our new service offering providing enterprise grade security to our clients.

Extended Detection and Response is now Extended Prevention, Detection and Response.

A4S deliver an upfront security posture assessment and remediation service, the aim of the game being to prevent security events from ever occurring.

ANS will then deliver their award-winning SoC services which will detect, respond to and manage any security event that manages to sneak past our prevention controls.

In the unlikely event any remediation is required we will provide the services needed to further strengthen your security posture in partners with the ANS teams.

Our competitive partnership drives our continuous improvement for the benefit of our clients.

Managed threat prevention services

Setup and continuous monitoring of your security posture, education and training for your teams to identify threats, and utilise security tooling.

Managed Microsoft XDR

With XDR, end users are protected by Microsoft Defender 365 and your infrastructure is secured by Defender for Cloud, all managed through Sentinel.

Continual service improvement and remediation services

Ongoing security posture improvements and hardening services.

A competitive partnership benefitting you

Who will win?

Can A4S prevent security alerts being generated for response by the ANS SoC Teams?

And can ANS find any weaknesses of the A4S security posture work?

With ANS being in the top 1% of Microsoft certified security partners and delivering the best cloud security solutions this seems a big ask, but we’re a confident team planning to come out on top.

Will you join the game?

XDPR certified security services

How A4S Work With You

With the A4S simple four step process, they look at your needs, then build a tailored solution based on repeatable, enterprise-grade solutions, that is rapidly deployed using automation tools.



A4S will work with you to review and strengthen your security posture across the common threat areas, the competition starts here so we can avoid alerts being generated for the ANS SoC team.



The ANS team will create a clear plan of action taking into account your now reduced threat levels.



Your new security controls are rapidly deployed, enterprise grade security controls are now in place, how many security threats will make it through your improved defences?



Every day is a school day, in the unlikely event of a threat making it through then the A4S and ANS teams will perform a thorough review before further strenghtening your security posture.

Security Certificates

Our service has the highest possible level of Microsoft security certifications; so you have the best defence against modern cyber threats.

Learn more about XPDR

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