Cloud Adoption Services

Benefit from our cloud adoption expertise based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework approach which will help you strategically choose and benefit from the correct cloud services at the right time, upskill your teams, action the right processes with the correct team structure, adopt the right workloads, improve your governance and security, save cost. 

Current challenges

Change can create risks, costs, and downtime, however when planned and actioned correctly it creates opportunities and improvements, rely on our team to help you overcome these challenges and enjoy the benefits of cloud services.

Of organisations feels security is their main concern with cloud.
Of business are concerned with cloud governance and feel this is their main concern.
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Of cloud spending goes to waste according business owners.

Practical Solution

We provide cloud adoption services aligned which can be used to support you at any point in your journey, from strategy, to operational support and continuous improvement you can benefit from our assistance to make your adoption more efficient, less risky and better aligned to your business needs.

  • Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework Aligned (we’ll keep mentioning this point)!
  • IT strategy, planning, adoption and support services.
  • Project management all online in real time, complete transparency, openness and teamwork.
  • Free single pane of glass visualisations and alerts for an end to end view of your on-premise and cloud systems.
  • Support services 24/7/365 via Teams, online portal, phone and chat.


  • Using the Microsoft CAF approach means we’re following a rigorous process that you can rely on, we consider all elements such as strategy, organisation, skills, existing investment, risk appetite and more.  We will ensure adoption is safer through the use of Azure Landing Zones to deliver security and governance to reduce your risks.
  • Transparency is ensured through our use of both online project toolsets, all schedules, risks, budgets, conversations and decisions are all online and maintained in real time to keep you firmly in control.
  • Experienced and professional as proven by our excellent reviews and willingness of our clients to provide testimonials, we will always be honest, transparent and conscientious.
Cloud adoption services


Our cloud adoption services team will help you safely benefit from the right cloud services at the right time, below are some of our favorites:

Our processes and approaches are aligned to and based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, we use this as a tool to ensure we deliver excellence across the range of support needed to adopt cloud services and give you assurance were doing the right thing.  

However you run the risk of starting a long winded conversation when you mention MS CAF so in advance we suggest you time bound our meetings.

Every element of our project management is delivered in our online portal where we collaborate on real-time schedules, risks, changes, budgets and more.

Upload, collaborate and be educated by our experienced and professional team.

We’ve got your back!

Our service desk team is always available to support you, using our experience and expertise so you don’t have to worry.

We will educate and support your teams to develop and upskill.

We’ve mentioned this in our support and managed services page, but it’s so good we’re mentioning it twice!

With a managed service agreement we provide end to end visualisations and alerts for free, this means you can have a single pain of glass for stakeholder such as service owners and managers, technicians and managers.

Never complain about not being able to see some element of your operations again!