Enabling public sector clients to leverage the best of hybrid cloud and deliver amazing services to their customers

Public Sector Business Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Experts

Our experience and expertise is built on providing IT infrastructure services to our public sector clients, this solid foundation has enabled A4S to extend its capabilities into providing full and hybrid cloud solutions.  Our public sector clients demand extremely high levels empathy and understanding towards their unique business needs and IT systems unique to the sector.

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A4S has the understanding and capability public sector companies require to safely exploit the best of cloud services whilst carefully migrating their existing applications into full or hybrid cloud solutions.


As a Microsoft Silver Partner A4S Cloud Solutions has extensive experience of working with small and medium sized and mid-market public sector companies to leverage Microsoft solutions to meet the needs of the business and its customers.

We particularly specialise in delivering advice and consultancy services, business and IT strategy and road maps for the future including comprehensive Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Windows Server and Windows 10 solutions aligned to business objectives to deliver best values and positive change through innovation.

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Sustainability and Low Environmental Impact

We only use carbon neutral solutions such as Azure for our public cloud hosting and UKFast for on-premise colocation. Public cloud enables services to be delivered with minimal waste.

Augment, Don't Throw Away

Enjoy the best of both worlds by seamlessly integrating your on-premise IT infrastructure with Azure to create a powerful and flexible hybrid cloud.

Public Sector Focused

We have the skills and experience to meet the unique needs of our public sector clients and their application providers.

Trusted Partner

Our background in managed service provision senior IT management and Infrastructure transformation lead roles mean we appreciate your challenges and needs, we know what it is to be a customer and provider.

Why Hybrid Cloud?

As a public sector company; deciding how to move to cloud is difficult with many bespoke applications to maintain and ever increasing legislation to adhere to.

Your customers now expect more innovative services inline with well known and well financed private sector providers.  So how do you keep up?

The answer is to create a hybrid cloud solution to augment your on-premise infrastructure to enable you to innovate, be disruptive, and amaze your customers.

A well designed and managed hybrid  cloud solution enables agility and responsiveness like never before, the traditional constraints have gone, now is the time to unleash your creativity and use the power of hybrid cloud to delight your customers.


A4S Cloud Solutions Services Portfolio

We have listed some of our services offerings below, using our extensive public sector experience and expertise; our services are specifically aligned to our public sector clients needs.

Azure Hybrid Cloud

Combine Microsoft Azure as the world's leading versatile cloud service with your own on-premise solution to create a unique array of site mobility, end to end solutions including storage, disaster recovery, web services, integration and much more.

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Office 365

Office 365 is an integrated experience of applications and services, designed to help you grow your business and increase productivity through a set of best of breed collaboration  tools.

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Disaster Recovery

Keeping data secure and available is an essential part of running a business, let A4S design and implement a robust business continuity solution that protects your critical workloads.

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End User Compute

Bring the full digital workspace of your company to life, utilising EUC to provide a unified end user experience that contains all the necessary tools to accomplish the required workload.

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Unified Communications

RingCentrals app gives you one application to rule them all with voice, video, complex collaboration and file sharing.  Fully integrated with the multi-channel RingCentral Contact Centre never loose track of your communications within platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more.

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As a close partner with Bytes we have the benefit of being supported by the UKs no.1 Microsoft specialist selling over £250m of Microsoft Licenses. Having such a strong partner means we can help make cost savings for companies of all sizes.

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