Increase Deployment Speed, Reduce Risk and Save Cost using Azure

Struggling to create an effective end to end testing solution?  Wasting resources on hosting Dev, Test and UAT on your production hypervisors, wish you had the ability to quickly spin up a comprehensive end to end replication of your production environments to create meaningful testing?

Do you experience any of these issues?...

  • Our Dev, Test and UAT environments don't accurately mirror our production environments so our release process is flawed and at risk.
  • Hosting Dev, Test and UAT on-premise takes up space that costs money and could be assigned to production services.
  • Non-production data and configuration is resident on our production systems causing risk.

Solution at a glance.


When replicating your on-premise and cloud environments for occasional use (such as dev, test and UAT) you need the most cost effective and flexible solution.  Microsoft CSP tenants allow month by month changes to your licensing allocation so fit the bill nicely.  You get all the same benefits such as non-profit licensing and reserved instances to don't panic.  We will automatically copy the key configurations of your production environments such as network, storage, Azure AD to provide you with the backbone of a faithful replica of your production data centre.


Within your Azure CSP tenant, Azure DevTest Labs provides customers with a lower cost (almost 50% cheaper) environment to host your VMs and applications, its cheaper because there are lower performance and reliability SLAs.  We use our customer scripts to automatically configure your DevTest Labs environment.  You can save cost further by letting us reserve your VM instances.


Use customised images to quickly reproduce your environment.  Install your latest bits and dev tools on your machine via artifacts.  Create formulas to easily modify an environment’s configuration at any time.


Save money by using only what you need, need to run your workloads 9-5, we'll configure automatic scaling, shut down and start up routines to ensure you're as efficient as possible.  Need development only.... we'll build your development environments in low cost Azure development sandpit.


Azure Site Recovery combined with customised scripting allows your on-premise services to be replicated into different Azure DevTest environments as and when needed thus avoiding the need to use expensive resources to manually create your test, dev and UAT environments.


Microsoft Deployment Toolkit provides a unified collection of tools, processes, and guidance for automating desktop and server deployments.

Eliminate mistakes, remove inconsistencies and reduce your time to deploy compute resources.

The Solution

Using a combination of Azure DevTest Labs, Azure Site Recovery Replication, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and custom scripting we can create an end to end (hypervisor to Office 365 and end user compute) test, development and user acceptance testing environment that is an actual clone of your production systems.

Alleviate your production environments of risky and costly non-production configuration and data, instead use our solution to spawn just-in-time replicas as and when needed using Azure Site Recovery.

Centrally Orchestrate the Following:

  • Using our custom code spawn replicas of your on-premise and Azure networks, firewalls and public IP addresses.
  • Clone your production workloads into Azure DevTest Labs to minimize cost.
  • Create replicas of your existing Office 365 environments, including solutions such as Dynamics 365, Exchange and Teams.
  • Through the use of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit deploy exact replicas of your end user compute environment to complete the end to end solution.



  • Repeatable End to End solution deployment.
  • Create a real time replication of your production environments.
  • Allow staff to focus on maintaining production environments rather than Dev, Test and UAT.


  • Quickly provision development and test environments
  • Remove contention for staff accessing testing environments.
  • Create end to end environments within a couple of hours.

Cost Reduction

  • Exploit the lower cost of Azure DevTest labs compared to normal Azure environments.
  • Delay expenditure for routine growth of your on-premise infrastructure.
  • Free up costly space from your production hypervisors that can be released back to your live systems.
  • Minimise waste with quotas and policies.
  • Set automated shutdowns to minimise costs

Risk Reduction

  • Remove any connections between your Dev, Test, UAT and Live environments.
  • Eliminate resource contention risk to your production environment that could cause performance reduction.
  • Reduce the risk of poor testing by using exact replicas of your production environments.
  • Remove remnants of non production information from your live systems.
  • Anonymise data using our custom solutions.

Next Steps...

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