Databarracks Data Health Check 2019

Introduction To The Databarracks Data Health Check Survey


As avid readers we do enjoy reviewing reports on the industry in relation to the practice is disaster recovery.  Reading the below introduction and the linked reports evidences that frequent disaster recovery drills are not yet common enough.

Often we here reasons such as 1) invoking DR impacts our production systems hence obtaining the necessary outage is too difficult 2) invoking DR is a highly complex process and difficult to repeat accurately 3) DR is costly, testing DR is also costly.

If you feel you are hindered by any of the points raised above then our solution based on Azure Site Recovery could be the answer, our solution 1) makes rehearing DR easy with no impact to your production environments 2) simplifies fail over with run books, scripts that automate the procedure, our custom scripts ensure your environments behave as they should do at the right moments 3) keeps the the costs of maintaining a replica of your environment extremely low, you only pay for your Azure VMs at the point you perform either a non production effecting drill or an actual operational fail over, even then we can keep costs as low as possible by right-sizing your VMs.

Enjoy the read.....


"Welcome to the 2019 Data Health Check.

As usual, cyber and IT have never been far from the news. TSB, Aebi Schmidt, Norsk Hydro are just a few of the year’s big stories. Away from the sensations of the media, however, it’s been another positive year. Organisations are generally improving in their Data Protection, continuity and cyber preparedness.

The wider, macro trends have continued this year. We’re seeing greater maturity in the use of cloud computing. And, of course, the cyber threat continues to grow and mutate. It continues to torment businesses, big and small – increasing as a cause of data loss and downtime.

Last year we focused on the changes between 2018 and our first Data Health Check back in 2008. This year, we reintroduced several questions from previous years to see what has (and hasn’t) changed.

We’ve focused more on people this year. How are they reacting to the industry now vs previous years? As important as the technological changes are, people remain at the heart of what we do."

Peter Groucutt, Managing Director

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