Proactive IT operational support for Trent & Dove


Trent & Dove utilises A4S Cloud Solutions to provide full time reactive and pro-active operational support services.


Providing affective IT support brings many challenges, the Trent & Dove IT support teams currently must maintain a complex IT estate spread across on-premise and cloud due to the fact it’s beginning a cloud migration journey which inevitably results in a degree of parallel running. 

The IT team is required to maintain many complex systems, it can be challenging to manage and maintain them effectively. This requires highly skilled IT professionals who can work with multiple systems and technologies who can be expensive and difficult to retain.

IT operational support teams must balance the need for system maintenance and security with the need for innovation and new technology adoption. This can be a delicate balancing act, as neglecting either can lead to problems for the organisation, an addition; support teams are often responsible for meeting service level agreements (SLAs) for uptime and system availability. Meeting these SLAs can be challenging, especially if there are unexpected system failures or outages.  When IT incidents occur, it is crucial to resolve them quickly and effectively to minimise disruption to business operations, this requires a highly skilled and responsive IT support team.


A 12 month service is agreed for the A4S Service Operations teams to provide the service mentioned in the features section of this write up.  Our services are provided with SLAs such as uptime, response time, and resolution time, meeting SLAs is important for maintaining customer satisfaction ensuring our clients IT services meet the needs of the business.

The support service provided is a remote service which is flexible to attend site if needed, this involves using remote access tools to diagnose and resolve issues without needing to be on-site. Remote support can be efficient and cost-effective for both the service provider and the customer and allows the most skilled resources to be tackle the issue irrespective of location.

A proactive monitoring as a service solution monitors IT systems and environments for potential issues before they become major problems. This approach allows the A4S IT service team to address issues before they result in downtime or disruption to business operations, our A4S Lighthouse service can monitor almost any on-premise or cloud service, it can be accessed on almost any type of device and by both client and A4S teams.

Our service provides our client with the quality and capacity they needs to focus on delivering their own business enabling service to their business and their end users.

By implementing proactive levels of support we can ensure our clients key services maintain the right levels of governance, availability, performance and resilience at an affective cost.

Service features

  • 12 month agreement for IT operational support for service desk and hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Proactive operational management support for cost, change, capacity, and performance.
  • End to end monitoring and alerting as a service for on-premise and cloud services.
  • Proactive support for the A4S Cloud Solutions delivered cloud backup service using Microsoft Azure Backup Services (MABS).
  • Proactive support for the A4S Cloud Solutions delivered cloud based disaster recovery services using Azure Site Recovery (ASR).
  • Monthly account management activities however in reality we spend significant time reviewing IT services, sharing challenges and ideas.
  • IT strategic support and roadmap services aligned to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.


  • Increased uptime: Proactive IT support helps prevent downtime by identifying and resolving issues before they become major problems. This means less disruption to business operations and increased productivity.
  • Cost savings: By proactively addressing issues, businesses can save money on costly repairs and downtime. Additionally, proactive IT support can identify areas for cost optimisation and help businesses avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Improved security: Proactive IT support includes implementing security measures and keeping systems up to date to prevent security breaches. This helps businesses protect sensitive data and avoid the high costs associated with a security breach.
  • Enhanced performance: Proactive IT support involves regular system maintenance and updates, which can improve system performance and speed. This can help businesses operate more efficiently and with greater productivity.
  • Better customer service: Proactive IT support can help businesses provide better customer service by minimising downtime and ensuring that systems are running smoothly. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Trent & Dove IT teams are now able to focus on the delivery of IT services to their own internal customers and tenants whilst knowing the A4S IT operations teams are maintaining services.

As A4S continue to evolve and improve their IT operations service provision across a range of clients greater levels of value continue to be delivered.

About the client

Trent & Dove is an amazing business that provides life changing services to it’s clients and truly has an incredibly positive social impact.

Trent & Dove is a charitable organisation who’s staff are devoted to improving the lives of it’s tenants and other in the surrounding areas.

We recommend reviewing their ‘about us’ section for more information:

Client statement

“I have been thoroughly impressed with the IT support provided by the A4S Cloud Solutions team who are always prompt in responding to our requests and they consistently go above and beyond to resolve any issues we encounter. 

They are highly knowledgeable and always offer clear and concise solutions to our IT problems. Thanks to their support, we have experienced minimal downtime and our systems run smoothly. I highly recommend the A4S team to anyone looking for reliable and expert IT support.”